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Important Stroke Facts:

Every year in the United States:

*About 795,000 Americans suffer a Stroke 

*About 75% of Strokes can be Prevented

*About 25% of Strokes happens to people under the age of 65!

*There is a Stroke about every 40 seconds 

*Stroke is the #5 Cause of Death

*Strokes are a leading cause of long term disability 

*Lowering your blood pressure may decrease your risk of

Stroke and Heart Disease by as much as 50%


Major Risk Factors:


*High Cholesterol


*High Blood Pressure 

*Physical Inactivity 

*Important Disclaimer:

The information provided on this Website is for general information only and should NOT be considered medical advice.

Always contact your Physician or Health Professional before starting any new treatments or supplements.

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